Top Reasons for an “Untouched Moment”

First, you may be asking, WHAT is an untouched moment?

I may have invented this term, but I love these moments! It’s that perfect point in time when your reception space is all set up exactly as you have been planning it and envisioning it to be for months or maybe even years. The candles are lit and the aroma of your dinner is in the air and you are whisked in with your new husband and parents to soak in all of the beautiful details. None of the guests have entered yet, and the space is completely “untouched.”

And now you may be asking, WHEN can I have this occur?

Celebrations of Love’s team will work with all of your vendors to make this special moment happen right before cocktail hour or during the very beginning of cocktail hour.

And a final question: WHY is this untouched moment so special?

1.      First and foremost, you can walk freely in your reception space without any interruptions or distractions. You have probably been in it dozens of times during the planning process—but now it is transformed JUST for you two with all of the personal details that were so carefully thought out.

2.      You as a newlywed couple get a few moments together with your parents to savor the excitement of the occasion and to thank one another for all of the work that you’ve each put into the day!

3.      Your photographer and videographer have an opportunity to get detail shots of your reception with YOU two in the pictures and film. This allows them to tell more of the story of your wedding day.

4.      All of the catering staff will come out at the conclusion of your moment to congratulate you and introduce themselves to ensure you know exactly which friendly faces will be taking care of you during dinner service.

5.      Celebrations of Love has also had a couple who wanted to have their “first dance” at this time, so that’s always an option!

6.      You can look at a million floorplans of your reception space, but when you see it all come to life, you can really map out the tables that you would like to mingle with during the celebration.

When working with your planner on your timeline, make sure to allow for a little extra time in the transition for your very own “untouched moment.” It will be a time you truly treasure!


Christine M. Darden