Creative at Heart Conference Recap ♥

What I Learned at the Creative at Heart Conference

I kicked off 2015 by attending the Creative at Heart Conference, and the time I spent there has totally set the tone for the year ahead.

After those four days, I felt completely inspired, but honestly, I didn’t know how to wrap up all of what I experienced… until I flipped over one of my 25 pages of notes and saw a long list of quotes I captured!!!

Here’s what I learned from the incredible speakers:

“Don’t sit on dreams!!!”Katelyn James

I have this ingrained belief that if I say something, it has to happen, and I will never settle for less than my dreams. I was always too scared to put my dreams out there in words or put a voice behind them because I thought, What happens if I can’t achieve them? Well, after hearing this quote from Katelyn and listening to Kat’s talk, I felt a new confidence. They put all my fears to rest by outlining the steps I need to design and achieve my big dreams. I definitely can’t thank Katelyn and Kat enough!

“Don’t compare. Be creative on your own.” – Katelyn

“Comparing yourself is like a hamster wheel.”Natalie Franke

As a small business owner, I so often would define my success by looking at other people’s accomplishments and thinking that I needed to have that kind of success too. But honestly, I have to write my own path and my own definition of what success looks like for me and for Celebrations of Love. That definition is a work-in-progress. But now when I find myself on that “hamster wheel,” I smile and think to myself, I don’t want to be a hamster. I want to be a wedding planner, small business owner, encourager of making it happen. 

“Life changer, not a money maker.” – Katelyn

God gifted all of us with a unique set of talents and skills. I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside brides and grooms as they make one of the most important decisions in their life. Katelyn’s words stuck with me because, yes, I am a business owner so money does need to come in, but we can have a HUGE impact on people’s lives—and that means so much more than money.

“Piles are scary; pieces are not.”Alexandra Beauregard

This quote came up during Alexandra’s talk, and I want to post it in my office somewhere J I am not really a pile person as far as paper organization, but in my mind, “piles” are large tasks. Whether it’s a difficult email I have to send or TAXES (dun dun dun!), I need to reorganize those large scary tasks into pieces. Then I can get through all of the little pieces in less time than I would have spent worrying about the big “pile.”

“The only difference between try and triumph is a little ‘umph’!” – Kristan Higgins, as quoted by Alexandra

“Umph” comes in the form of coffee some days, but other times, it’s a matter of believing, committing, and working. I truly believe that as long as I keep trying to live out all of these new, amazing things I have learned, I will triumph. With hard work and dedication, these lessons will become a part of my daily routine and help my dreams come true.

As I sit here with my notes out in front of me, I am so encouraged by the memory of all the amazing ladies I was so lucky to have met. I can’t wait till our paths cross again!


Christine M Saxer

P.S. If you’re interested in attending the Creative at Heart Conference, round two is coming up in March! Get the details here—and let me know if I can answer any questions about the experience!