A New Year, A New Blog

Inspirational Card made by Restored 316 Designs

After coming back from the Creative at Heart Conference in Staunton, Virginia, my head was spinning with ideas and tasks that I wanted to get done right away. So after allowing myself a couple days to regroup, I am tackling my first to-do item: START A BLOG!

You all have to know up front that I am dyslexic (and I’m not sure why they made that word so hard to spell, by the way). It scares the pants off of me to commit myself to updating everyone two to three times a month. My spelling may not be perfect and I might have a grammatical mistake here or there, but I really would like to share the behind-the-scenes of my life as a full-time female entrepreneur, business owner, wedding planner, runner, Jesus-lover, soon-to-be-wife, sister, daughter and most of all, ME. I have a plan and we are in this together!

So here we go with my business goals for 2015:

 - Start a blog. (CHECK!)

   - Update the blog two to three times a month.

   - Have two “Coffee Dates” a month.

   - Get published on a big-time wedding blog.

   - Plan and execute three weddings outside of the Kansas City metro area.

These goals excite me and motivate me… and I will definitely be keeping you updated on my progress. And so it is set in electronic stone, I will be updating you all on my personal and professional adventures, as well as featuring my AMAZING couples and enriching you with wedding tips that can come in handy when you’re trying to plan your own big day.

Now I’ll leave you with a Tip of the Month: Your wedding day should reflect you two as a couple and have your guests saying “That was so them!” Weave in personal details, meaningful moments and special traditions—those things will ensure that your wedding is truly one-of-a-kind!