Three Weddings, One Family  

Kate, Eileen and Kathy on Kathy's beautiful Wedding day!!! Love to all of these ladies!!!

Kate, Eileen and Kathy on Kathy's beautiful Wedding day!!! Love to all of these ladies!!!


Eileen, Kathy and Kate are three brides, all from the same family. Over a span of almost six years, this family has celebrated three weddings with Celebrations of Love, securing an incredibly special place in my heart for years to come. 


These weddings are incredible examples of how Celebrations of Love works to incorporate our clients’ personalities and love for each other into the details of each couple’s wedding day.  I want to share with you how one family can have three amazing weddings that fully reflect each unique couple.

PHOTO BY: bluerue studio

PHOTO BY: bluerue studio






Eileen and Brian C. were the first couple from the family to come to Celebrations of Love.

Time of Year: Summer Wedding

Location: Ceremony and reception at Nativity Parish Church

Colors: Green, brown and ivory

Details: Eileen and Brian incorporated yards and yards of lighting with candlelight to transform the room into a gorgeous, warm, glowing reception. Little did we all know that years later, this church would also be the place where her mother would marry her husband as well!


pHOTO bY: Jason DoMIngUes Photography

pHOTO bY: Jason DoMIngUes Photography

Kate and Brian H. – Brian H. is Eileen’s older brother.

Time of Year: Fall Wedding

Location: Ceremony in the mountains of Meredith, Colorado, and a Kansas City reception at The Lodge in Ironwoods.

Colors: Burgundy, maroon and oranges with rustic accents

Details: Kate’s family carved votive holders and sliced woods for their Kansas City reception to incorporate their wedding ceremony that took place a month earlier in the mountains of Colorado.

Photo BY: Celebrations of Love

Photo BY: Celebrations of Love


Kathy and Rod – Kathy is Brian H’s and Eileen’s mother.

Time of Year: Winter Wedding

Location: Ceremony at Nativity Parish Church with an intimate family luncheon and dancing at the Overland Park Ballroom.

Colors: Whites and ivories with touches of gold

Details: We turned Kathy and Rod’s dining room and kitchen into a space for a formal-but-intimate luncheon for their immediate family, starting with appetizers followed by a three-course meal. Then they wanted to invite their friends and extended loved ones to join in the celebration, so we had an open house with some dancing and music into the night.

 I feel so truly blessed to have shared so many unbelievable memories with this family. I wish all the best to them and their new families!!!